Ambiotex Starter Kit

Ambiotex Starter Kit


Ambiotex belongs to the generation of Wearable Technology 3.0 that helps you to monitor your vitality during your physical activity. The microfiber shirt contains high-precision ECG sensors that measure your vital data in order to determine your daily stress level. The TechUnit, a small black box that is attached to the shirt, collects and processes the body signals. Connect Ambiotex with the smartphone app to get a complete picture of your daily stats to help you adjust your workouts, optimize performance and prevent injuries. Color and design may be slightly deviated.

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Ambiotex provides intelligent technology integrated into a high-tech shirt, which is extremely comfortable to wear. The sensors have comfortable contact to your skin without the inconvenient slipping or leaving chafing, you might know of conventional chest straps.

Ambiotex also offers a number of exceptional, innovative tests:

Test to determine your individual anaerobic threshold
Based on a level test, the Ambiotex system is capable to calculate your individual anaerobic threshold (IAT). The individual anaerobic threshold is usually determined by a sports physician based on a lactate test or spirometry. With Ambiotex you can run the test easily by yourself and repeat as often as you want it with the app. Training just below the anaerobic threshold has a very good effect for the development of high endurance. Too intense workout in the anaerobic zone, however, often leads to very sore muscles. A reduction of your endurance capacity is the result if this condition occurs too often.

Stress test
Do you still have capacity left to increase your performance at work and daily routine? You get answers to questions like: “How stressed am I” with the Ambiotex stress test. Carried out regularly in the morning, this test gives you a static snapshot of your mental stress on a scale of one to ten. Besides your current state of stress also the development of your stress level over time is also displayed to show whether it increased or decreased. Through such stress monitoring you learn to handle daily demands and stress even better and to work more effectively and foresighted.

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