What is Paradigm Transformations?

We are a growth-focused Fitness/Tech Startup, electronically delivering fully automated and customized full-scale personal training. We will provide educational content, tools, guidance and resources to balance and intentionally focus the power of the human Mind/Body/Soul helping create a sustainable path to any desired change a person may wish to make.

Individually, our beliefs are a result of many things, and are the infrastructure on which our actions, and then the results of those actions are built upon. Our beliefs dictate our individual realities in a very real way, because our subconscious mind comprises about 95% of the brain’s processing power and will not support the continued development of anything that doesn’t fit with what runs in its automated programming (AKA: our beliefs).

What this means for us is that when we try to make a change, we focus (only the conscious mind can ‘focus’) on what our desired result is. And, more often than not, some or all of that change occurs. (We eat better and sweat more, lose a few pounds, celebrate!) But then, inevitably we must refocus our conscious mind on some other task, and the 95% that is subconscious takes back over. If the beliefs that we hold, which make up our subconscious programming, do not support the change we’ve made, our very powerful subconscious mind will work to restore alignment with its default program (what you believe about yourself at a deep level).

If you feel like you look fat, or that you are weak… even if you think you can’t get past your genetics… The BIGGEST thing that will work to make that true is the fact that your subconscious mind will work on it all the time to assure a match to the current program. (e.g. If you feel like you are fat, then every time you lose some weight, your subconscious will ramp up the hunger hormones, which makes you eat more in order to bring you back into alignment with its image of yourself… a heavier version of you which is the reflection of your thoughts/belief “I am fat”.)


This is known as homeostasis, and individually is called your homeostatic “Set Point”. Homeostasis is the balance point at which all of your collective beliefs hold you, giving rise to the expression of what your experience as your individual reality (your health, body composition, financial circumstances, anything/everything).

Changing your Set Point is the only way to create lasting change, and you do that by addressing everything: your mind and your emotions as well as proper physical training and consistently healthy nutrition. 

Paradigm Transformations can help guide you through it all, and more importantly: YOU ARE STRONG ENOUGH to take it on.

“In Strength, with Love and Compassion I seek to help people change their own lives.” – Tyson