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Ambiotex belongs to the generation of Wearable Technology 3.0 that helps you to monitor your vitality during your physical activity. The microfiber shirt contains high-precision ECG sensors that measure your vital data in order to determine your daily stress level. The TechUnit, a small black box that is attached to the shirt, collects and processes the body signals.



What is Paradigm Transformations?

By Tyson Goff

At Paradigm Transformations our mission is to teach self-empowerment through fitness, nutrition, meditation, and conscious emotional control.

Align your nutrition with nature for better health.

By Tyson Goff

If you want to lose your love-handles, have more energy, be more clear-headed, and ‘tone up’, then this is an article you need to read, because what you eat is crucial when trying to make yourself feel and perform better,